This is a very good question and one I get on a weekly basis.   Now, right off the bat, I want to say that although I do not have any letters after my name, MD, ND, PhD… What I do have, is 30 plus years of being passionate about researching Nutrition and Preventative Medicine....

This isn’t a new phrase or thought. I have heard this for many years, even used it myself. It got me thinking….where did this come from? Maybe it was a commercial tag line or maybe it was a family member where I first heard it. Wasn’t really sure so I asked Google, she knows everything,...

The holidays have ended. Only the clean-up remains: taking ornaments off the tree, clearing the candle wax out of the hanukkiah, moving furniture back into place now that parties are over, and the guests gone.  Here we are in the New Year: 2020. It’s the only time in ​history w​ e’ll be able to joke...

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