The More ^J The Better

November 9, 2020

Topic: The more you have, the better you get… Let’s talk about your mitochondria. They grow in number and strength if you take care of them. They make you old too soon if you neglect them. They are tiny but significant in almost every cellular function. The mitochondria are odd little structures in every cell that provide all your energy, clean out cellular debris, and protect us from toxins and infections. Of course, in this COVID-19 climate we are all genuinely concerned with protections from infections and the vitality to bounce back if we do get exposed and infected. As mentioned above, the more mitochondria you have, the better – for both defense and recovery. Here are two of the most significant ways we can grow and encourage our mitochondria to be robust. Feed them well. I recommend saturated fats and oils found in olive oil, avocado oils, animal fats including butter, and medium chain fatty acids (found in coconut oil). These all burn cleanly in the mitochondrial furnace. Polyunsaturated oils from seeds (canola, soy, etc.) leave a lot of oxidative stress and free radicals when used for fuel in the cells. This causes needless chaos and aging (and weight gain). And they damage the mitochondria. Recognize and use cyclical models for exercising. This is often referred to high intensity exercising followed by recovery time. Cycling in and out of extreme but short effort followed by equally brief recovery time requires some coaching but once you get it, you can use this cycling method to build strong mitochondria and muscles (regardless of your age and “couch” history). I’ll be covering more on the topic of mitochondria in future blogs. If you are interested in my free digital mini-course called “Time to Change Your Oils”, let me know: Thanks, Jolinda Rockett Acupuncturist, Author, and Coach The Glorious Health Project

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