Psychopomp and Shamanism

October 14, 2020

We have discovered that there’s much to do during this time of a worldwide pandemic as people are feeling heightened confusion, anxiety and fear. In our shamanic practice we turn to our spirit teachers—helpers that include our ancestors, animal guides and spirit beings of the land. What is also notable is people dying in numbers from either the corona virus and now in the western US with the massive wild fires–we’re seeing loss of land, trees, entire ecosystems, as well as people. Our culture doesn’t like to talk about death, and this has left us all with little guidance in the “craft of dying”; it’s not surprising that so many spirit beings need a helping hand in crossing over. This is what we try to do. What happens when there is pain and extreme suffering related to death? How can the soul find its rightful resting-place in the spirit realms? How can we effectively help those in need at this time? A psychopomp is a conductor of souls after death. The word is classical Greek and means “soul-guide”, and it’s an age-old practice known mostly through myth and shamanism. We have a small, dedicated circle of people here in Midcoast Maine trained and experienced in this work, so necessary in our world today. It’s true that souls who have died eventually go to the light—sometimes effortlessly, but sometimes only with difficulty. This may be because a soul hasn’t realized it has died, especially in cases of sudden death, trauma or suffering. Other souls may think they have unfinished business (taking care of someone living, for example). Some simply don’t know how to leave and are just looking for a place to feel comfortable; some who experienced traumatic deaths may be stuck in the trauma. In our psychopomp work we journey shamanically in spirit form with the sound of the drum or rattle to locate souls who may need to be conducted. We may be called to check on the spirit of someone in particular who’s recently died. But at the present time our services are most often needed at sites of great tragedies–wildfires, storms, wars, pandemics. We go there in spirit form, always with the help of our spirit teachers, and look for a “lost soul” to assist. We explain how we can help the soul choose a transition to a better place, and (only with its permission) conduct it on its journey as far as we can. We generally assist one soul at a time, and it can be done for souls anywhere they are. We are noticing recently that once we conduct one soul there are often many who follow that soul. This is a beautiful process and we are grateful we are able to offer it. There is no payback other than knowing we have helped the world find peace one soul at a time. For more information contact Susan and Chris, The Thirteenth Moon Center,, 207-589-3063 They have been Destination Wellness Midcoast Maine members since 2014.

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