What Are Redox Signaling Molecules?

June 8, 2020

This is a very good question and one I get on a weekly basis.


Now, right off the bat, I want to say that although I do not have any letters after my name, MD, ND, PhD… What I do have, is 30 plus years of being passionate about researching Nutrition and Preventative Medicine.
I’ve always had a curiosity as to how the body works and what it needs to keep it working efficiently!
I also have 6 plus years of experience with supplementing with Redox Signaling Molecules, listening to thousands of other people’s stories regarding this supplement and hearing dozens of people with many different health degrees give their professional opinion about these Molecules.
So, here is a description of what Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM’s) are in the proverbial “nutshell”.

RSM’s are in every living cell, whether it be human, animal or plant. They are the “by-product” of the ATP process, the process in which the Mitochondria produces energy within cells. They are produced every second of every day and without them we would be dead within a few short minutes, they are crucial!
Until the early 90’s, scientists thought these Molecules had no use in the body then, it was discovered they absolutely do have a purpose!
Scientists discovered that RSMs are the “communicators” for the cells. Our cells literally need to be told what to do and where to go! Our cells are like little “couch potatoes” without these Molecules. They also discovered that for Antioxidants to work, they have to be “activated” by these Molecules.
You see, you can have the best diet in the world but if you don’t have a good supply of these “communicating” Molecule’s you will not get the full benefits from your nutrition.
It was also discovered that our bodies make about 10% less of these Molecules every decade starting at around puberty. And this is basically the “aging process”.
As our bodies make less R.S.M.’s, skin cell turn over slows down and we start to get wrinkles, bumps and bruises don’t heal like they did when we were young, our memory isn’t as good…you get the idea.
Now, if this was it, so be it, right!? It’s the aging process, we’re all going to age BUT it doesn’t stop there!
Scientists also found that our bodies make less of these Molecules when we come in contact with Toxins! Well, who doesn’t come in contact with Toxins?! Like Glyphosate for instance, Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup Ready and it is a “water soluble toxin”, meaning once it gets in the ground, it gets in the water, it’s even in our rain water! And this is a whole other topic all together!
In the early 90’s, a group of scientists were able to duplicate RSM’s, identical to what our cells make. They used salt and water, just like what our cells are made of, broke that down into free floating Atoms and restructured them into these amazing little Molecules.
Since the late nineties, there has been and continues to be much research about RSM’s. At PubMed.gov there are thousands and thousands of peer reviewed white papers on the subject. Many Universities are now researching these Molecules and there are over 1500 books on the topic and 5 Noble Science Awards have been given in regards to the field of Redox Biochemistry.
Dr. James Watson stated in the Lancet Journal in 2014 that he believes most diseases are caused by a lack of/imbalance of Redox Signaling Molecules. He also stated that you can produce more of them by exercising like crazy! But then with all that exercising comes the need for more RSM’s because of all the oxidative stress that happens to a body when exercising so intensely.
RSM’s have no nutritional value, they are communicators! It’s kind of like when you build a house, you need tools like wood and nails AND you need the labor to put it all together. RSMs are the “labor” and nutrition/food are the “tools”. They absolutely need each other!
Now, as I stated in the beginning, I have been supplementing with these amazing little Molecules since Oct 2014 and what I can tell you, is that my Immune System has NEVER been better! There are a number of other health issues that have improved for me but my favorite is that I don’t get sick like I used to for all my life, since I was born!
There are over half a billion people supplementing with RSM’s in the world right now. The one person who has been taking this supplement the longest is a gentleman by the name of Merlin Toombs.
Merlin started researching RSM’s in 1991 and began drinking them in 1992. Merlin is in his late 80’s and has stated “you can take everything away from me but do not take my RSM supplement!”
I would have to say that my favorite things about supplementing with these Molecules is that there is NO toxicity, at all! There is a test called LD50 (Lethal Dose 50) It is a test that is performed on every single pharmaceutical drug to see how long before half of the lab animals die. This supplement has been tested for LD50 twice and each time no lab animal died, they only got healthier!
With ZERO toxicity, RSM supplement is safe for everyone! It doesn’t matter how old or how young, how sick or how healthy!
My other favorite thing is that these Molecules are Native to our bodies! And our bodies know immediately what to do with them, there is no “converting” or needing to go through the digestive system. RSM’s get to work creating “homeostatic balance” immediately!
So, for all the years I have worked in Nutrition departments selling supplements, this RSM supplement is by far my favorite because it has been the most beneficial to my health!
Now, after 30 plus years of researching Nutrition and Preventative Medicine, all I can say is….Eat quality, clean food, drink clean water as much as you possible can, get some form of exercise every day and supplement with more RSM’s! It truly is my “easy button” for health! It’s like hitting a “reset” button for your body, so it can do the job it was meant to do, keep you healthy!

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