Sound Therapy: What is it and how does it work?

February 13, 2020

Ask any number of sound practitioners this question and you’ll get as many different answers. I can only share with you my perspective from my particular experience with the tools I use, but there are a great many other possible responses that are quite valid. To me, Sound Therapy is simply using sound and vibration to assist the recipients entire being to come closer to their natural state of health while, at the same time, inviting them to re-align with their natural call to personal evolution. This can be as simple as listening to calming music after a hectic day, to as complicated as exploding cancer cells with ultrasound. My approach to the work lies somewhere between. From the moment we are conceived (and possibly before) then through our adult lives, we are vulnerable to a great number of forces that can interfere with our growth as healthy vibrant beings. Our bodies (and minds) are great self-healing mechanisms that can cope with much that is thrown at us. But in these times of busyness, excessive sitting, unavoidable environmental toxins, and excessive processed foods, many of us are in a state of constant stress. This makes it that much harder for our bodies/minds to handle other challenges to our health. Disharmonious patterns become normalized within us. This is where sound therapy can be of great service. The sounds and more visceral vibrations of the gongs and singing bowls can help take us into deep relaxation while, at the same time, breaking up some of the unhealthy stuck patterns we’ve assimilated, breathing in space for our bodies/minds natural inclination towards health to kick in. The richness and complexity of the tones can help stir up our brain activity, giving us room to re-work old patterns of thought, freeing us to further our personal evolution. The tuning forks used in Sound Therapy can have similar effects as the Gongs and bowls, but in a more targeted way. Using two forks creating beat frequencies can entrain the brain into various states of consciousness and/or send a message to the brain to relax the nervous system. Using the “on body” type tuning forks can relax the nearby muscle tissue, calm the nervous system, and cause a release of nitric oxide in nearby cells helping balance immune responses. Practically all Sound Therapy techniques work on our energy systems. The vibrations can help us revitalize our energy flow by awakening our energy centers and stimulating movement. This revitalization promotes health throughout our whole being. For more information, please go to :

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