Bowen for Improved Posture

November 7, 2019

Having good posture is about more than looking good. It helps you to develop and maintain strength, flexibility, and alignment in your body. These can all lead to less muscle pain and more energy throughout the day. Proper posture also reduces stress on your muscles, ligaments and tendons, which can reduce your risk of injury.

Improving your posture also helps you become more aware of your muscles, making it easier to correct your own posture when pain occurs. As you work on your posture and become more aware of your body,  you might even notice some areas of pain and tightness you weren’t previously aware of.

Assess Yourself.

Its important to look at yourself in the mirror and observe your own posture. Look at your shoulders and feel your hip bones; are they even? From your head to your feet imagine a straight line looking at yourself from the side. All major joints need to be in that straight line. Your neck should be straight,  your head and ears should be lined up with your shoulders,  the shoulders over the hips, the hips over the knees,  and the knees over the ankles. If any one joint is out of that straight line then your posture needs improvement. Notice if your muscles are feeling weak and  getting tired quickly. Are you experiencing muscle pain, spasms or cramping? All can be signs that your skeletal spine may be out of alignment. Our joints like equality and usually a few Bowen sessions can help you achieve it. 

Bowen sessions can help align your  spine and pelvis creating improved  posture. Bowen’s gentle moves; done over muscles, tendons and ligaments close to the bone; send a strong electrical stimulus to your brain. Short rest time given will allow your brain to work on healing that area.  With just a few relaxing sessions your brain can begin to heal and align your body. Our brain is always striving for homeostasis in our bodies. Getting Bowen bodywork will help achieve improved posture and doing the easy stretches can maintain it.

Stretch Your Muscles!

Gentle, easy Bowen stretches done at home can decrease pain and tightness of muscles and tendons improving joint movement.  Correct alignment can be achieved and maintained with Bowen stretches that will remind the brain to address the affected area improving flexibility and helping the changes to occur quicker. Increased blood flow,  improved range if motion and relaxed muscles are the result of stretching and are important to maintain good posture. While at work make sure your desk is ergonomically correct and your chair is the correct height.  Take  breaks often to move and stretch your stiff joints and tight muscles. When keyboarding and spending alot of time on the computer step away for a few minutes and do a few shoulder shrugs and neck circles.  If you drive alot get out and walk around to stretch those legs and move those hips.  Be aware of equal weight bearing in your feet and hips as you stand up.  Focus on standing with equal weight in your legs and feet when getting out of the bed, up from a chair,  or most importantly out of your car.  When using your phone or tablet think of the best position for improved posture in your neck and shoulders. Hold your electronics keeping your improved posture in mind.

Everyone wants improved flexibility and better posture. Give yourself the gift of Bowen therapy! Because Every Body feels better with Bowen!

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