June 4, 2019

“If you’re an alive body, no one can tell you how to experience the world. And no one can tell you what truth is, because you experience it for yourself. The body does not lie.”
Stanley Keleman

A child comes into the world with an inherited body and a spiritual individuality (entelechy), a spiritual being with its own spiritual structure and sometimes we might concentrate so much on our spiritual lives that we overlook the wonders of being present in our physical form. The human soul receives stimuli and gains its content from two sources: firstly from the physical world through basic drives and the senses; secondly from the spiritual world through the self.

When we are more aware of the fact that our bodies are important in terms of our personal growth, we may find it easier to nurture them. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through human touch, for a loving, comforting touch allows us to access the part of ourselves that yearns for a sense of connectedness with the world around us. Even simple forms of touch like my grandson (pictured) touching his father’s arm creates an energetic presence to one another.

There are so many ways to incorporate touch in our daily lives, one of the easiest being a heartfelt physical embrace. Just making a point to hug someone daily can help us feel our energy pass between each other and can strengthen the bonds that keep us together. Hugs help us heal, heal our hearts, heal our hurt and our upsets we have recently experienced. By letting us release oxytocin into the moment of the embrace and realize that no matter what happens to us, we have someone in our lives who supports and cares for us.

Another nourishing form of “Touch” is bodywork. While we may think of bodywork as a luxury, it is actually an ancient form of healing that enables us to open up our energetic pathways in order to receive unlimited energy from the universe. A body, a soul and a spirit. It doesn’t matter whether a simple touch comes from a loved one, friend, pet, bodyworker or massage therapist, but by giving yourself the gift of bodywork every month, we are doing something healthy and beneficial for or bodies. Touch helps our bodies break down contracted body armor while simultaneously providing a nurturing and pleasurable experience, promoting a sense of connection and pride.

Letting ourselves take advantage of the healing nature of physical touch our bodies can support us making it safe to be vulnerable. We can truly live in and experience the world through our bodies, allowing us to completely immerse ourselves in the loving sense of joy and wonder that is our birthright and our life.

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