Becoming Light Bearers in Challenging Times

March 8, 2019

This is the time of year when we’re really beginning to notice the days lengthening. The Light returns. We’ve been talking about how it makes a difference to see and feel the warmth of the sun streaming in the windows earlier in the morning as we drink our tea.

Yes, winter is still here, but some of us have started planting seeds for this summer’s garden. So, we’re past the time when the Trees began thinking about waking up and pretty soon, we hope, the sap will rise.

And right around the time of sap rising and maple syrup, we’ll come to the Spring Equinox. It’s that time of year when we can note the balance, the day and night are equal. We can ask how we can bring balance into our own lives, stay centered even as the world around us seems to progress at a crazy fast clip with so many challenging things happening? How do we begin to gently unfold for the season of Light, long days, and time outdoors while we     sustain our life energy and not allow it to burn away?

Here at the Thirteenth Moon Center: Shamanism and Creative Arts, we give our clients and students the opportunity to know first hand how they are light-bearers in this world. What does it mean to be a light bearer and how do we show our light in the world?

We discuss the larger questions and needs of growing community, being community ourselves. In all shamanic traditions shamanism thrives within the context of the community. (If someone is ill, maybe the community is ill?) What can our culture learn from this, what can we teach each other?

Through the centuries and around the world, shamanism has been used for gaining knowledge and healing. Shamans alter their consciousness to access spiritual realms, with the intent to call on benevolent spirit powers for the good of self, others, and all life.

At the Thirteenth Moon Center we offer shamanic healing, classes in shamanic practice, and a monthly journeying circle. As shamanic healers we work in unison with helpful spiritual beings for the client’s best interest by clearing intrusions, remedying power imbalances, and soul retrieval. Our work is gentle, noninvasive, and powerful in creating positive change.

In our classes you can evolve strong relationships with spirit teachers, power animals/guardian spirits, and spirits of nature to help you with guidance and healing. You’ll learn shamanic practices you can call upon in your daily life. The core shamanic methods we teach are not a religion, and generally fit well with people’s belief systems. They also don’t draw on any single sacred tradition. All of our ancestors practiced shamanism, on every continent and in every culture, at some point.

You can draw on knowledge from your own ancestral roots. Learn to journey shamanically and get in touch with the real teachers—the helping spirits. Join us for our next class on March 30 and 31.

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