2019 New Year’s Resolution and Word-Compassion

January 7, 2019

Yes, it is that time of year when we make our yearly New Year’s resolution of stopping some vice we determine is not healthy for us like quitting smoking, losing weight or some other bad habit only to start it again after a few months of “limited success”. It is said to take 30 days to break a habit. Only 8% of Americans keep their resolutions throughout the year. I would like to suggest instead to add something new to your tool box of healthy choices. Instead of focusing on the number on your scale, go for a more specific and holistic approach to your health. Resolutions like ‘drink more water’, meditate once a day’, or ‘take a 15 minute walk daily’, are achievable goals that will still keep you feeling healthy and motivated long after the buzz of the new year is gone.

My word for the year is Compassion. To self and others. What this means to me is to choose to see someone or something in a different light, a change in perspective, in a more positive, less judgmental, loving and understanding way. I also want to be more giving, so I challenge all who are reading this to do some small act of “GIVING BACK”.

I had the pleasure of being offered a complimentary session with one of our new members, Jo Evans Koenig, an energy counselor, practicing the Brennan Healing Science. After just one session, my friends and co-workers starting asking “what was different about me”, new hair style, weight loss, new job, etc. It all boiled down to I was happy! That simple. I am choosing to be happier, control what I can control and let the rest go! I know it is not that simple for all but I mention this to suggest you choose one practitioner in the Destination Wellness guide and try out their services if there is an area in your life you want to change, improve or research further.

If you are a practitioner listed in the Destination Wellness directory I would like to suggest you offer free mini sessions to one another to share your skills and to help others heal.

I am a Bowen practitioner and this is how I found out about Bowen eight years ago when Sherrie Clark introduced me to Bowen at a Victorian Tea held in Rockland years ago. She is also the one who inspired me to become a practitioner myself so I could share and help others with this healing practice.

Here are some excerpts from the Mind Valley emails I receive, almost too many a day but helpful nonetheless. “Let us embody Charles Darwin’s concept of the “Diffusion of Sympathy (or Compassion).

“If, indeed, such men are separated from him by great differences in appearance or habits, experience unfortunately shows us how long it is before we look at them as our fellow-creatures.”

“As soon as this virtue is honored and practiced by some few men (and women), it spreads through instruction and example to the young, and eventually through public opinion.”

And building that all important bridge for the diffusion of compassion to continue is spread to the rest of the world.

Give Back Day

And in the words of Barack Obama now famous 2019 new message:

“As we celebrate the season and look forward to 2019, let’s recommit to doing our part to build a world that is a little more generous, tolerant, and kind.”

Blessings to you all, and thank you for reading my thoughts and words, please share if you found them helpful. Happy New Year to all!

Patty Kitchen

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