Destination Wellness Series

Several members asked us to film the Destination Wellness Series co-sponsored by DWMM and the Camden Public Library. The talks are held during the day (every second Monday of the month) while many members work. The Board approved funds to film some sessions. Then we found an impressive local video producer, Ricky Sheaves, of West Downeast Multi Media.

Ricky created our first ever DWMM video entitled, "Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out." This three-speaker talk occurred on April 13, 2015, and covered advanced skin care treatments and nutrition for the skin. We hope you like it and will apply some of these tips toward enhancing your own beauty health.

We would love feedback and also wish to extend an invitation to all our members to participate in this exciting new member benefit. (Start by logging in to download a speaker application form, which can be found in the right side column below "Member Information.")

Wellness Speaker Bureau

  • Tobey Williamson
  • Judi Valentine

DW#1: Nourish Your Skin From The Inside Out

DWMM member Sandra Sleeper of Camden's Seaside Skin Care & Spa talks about general skin care for everyone, and provides information about toxic ingredients to avoid. She also provides suggestions for finding additional information.

Sandra Sleeper is a long time Midcoast Maine resident who studied skin care as an undergraduate and received a Masters in skin care at the Atlanta Skin Care Therapy Institute. Sue Kelly, R.N., is a Maine native with more than 30 years in emergency medicine and is a board-certified AMA aesthetic and laser professional. Judi Valentine, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Nutrition and is a certified clinical nutritional analyst, certified in metabolic typing.

Joining Sandra are DWMM members Sue Kelly, R.N., and Dr. Judi Valentine, Nutritionist.