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When you join Destination Wellness Midcoast Maine, you show your support for the vision of making the Midcoast Maine region nationally recognized for health and wellness. More immediately, you gain access to a network of health care practitioners and related businesses that provides ongoing support and resources for your business, including:

  • Online Directory Listing
  • Print Directory Listing (proposed)
  • Events Calendar Listings
  • Networking Events
  • Professional Development Workshops

Dues currently are only $50/year. 

To begin your membership application, simply provide the basic information on the right, then click on the "Submit" button. We'll contact you shortly to arrange for your dues payment. Meanwhile, you can begin to create your member profile (see "What Happens Next?").

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What Happens Next?

  1. Check your email for confirmation and login information
  2. Login to create your listing and complete the registration process. (As you enter the information, be mindful that the system will time out after 30 minutes, so it's always a good idea to "Save" your information every 15 minutes or so to avoid losing it.)
  3. You will be able to view your listing while your membership application is being reviewed by the Membership Committee and your dues are being processed. 
  4. Once you've been approved for membership and your dues are received, your listing will appear online for the remainder of the membership (calendar) year.
  5. Enjoy your membership!


If you have a website, you can cut and paste from the website. You may need to edit your text to fit the word limit. If you don't have a website and since the system automatically times out after 30 minutes, we strongly recommend working on your text on an outside document beforehand, then cutting and pasting to the form.  

You get to have two photos.  One accompanies the business description part of the listing and one accompanies the bio part of the listing. For the business photo, you may want to choose a photo of your building, space, logo, or people engaged with you in whatever you do. If you have ever used Facebook, the photo upload function is pretty much the same.

For the key word search words, think of yourself as a member of the public.  What words would come to mind if you were searching for your services.

For categories, do not click on the major categories; use the sub-categories. There is no limit to how many you can choose, and you can pick sub-categories from under multiple different major category headings. (Perhaps you provide some kind of treatment but also sell supplements. These are in different major categories.) Be reasonably selective.  The search function will not help the public if the searches don't have clarity. 


Once you have created your profile to your liking and are logged in as a member, go to the top of your profile page.  You will see "submit an event." Click on it and fill out the form. Be sure to check off what type of event it is (e.g., class, retreat, etc.)

 When you are done, press "submit." 

 Then see if you event reads the way you want.  Go back and edit it until you're satisfied.