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Learn how to take a more proactive role in staying healthy. Work one on one with Elaine Bisbee, RN, BSN, to improve your health and wellbeing.
Services offered include:
• Health and Life Style Coaching - Supportive mentoring and education to cultivate positive health choices through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.
• Allergy Elimination Technique: A noninvasive acupressure technique to return the body from a hypo or hyper-reactive state to a more balanced state.
• Reiki – Stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing.
• PFSHF : a Mind-Body Technique for patients prior to surgery or chemotherapy to feel calmer, have less post-op pain, strengthen the immune system, reduce side effects of chemotherapy and recover faster.

About Elaine Bisbee RN, BSN

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Elaine Bisbee, BSN, RN
Elaine received her bachelor degree in nursing from the University of Maine School of Nursing in 1972. Elaine has more than 40 years of diverse nursing experience in the following specialties; maternal-child health (obstetrics, neonatal intensive care and childbirth education), occupational medicine, diabetes education and nutrition education. Elaine holds a certificate in holistic nursing and nutrition and lifestyle coaching and has additional training in herbology, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Allergy Elimination Technique and Prepare for Surgery TM.

Elaine’s interest in an integrative approach to health and wellness took root after health challenges led her to explore complementary health disciplines as adjunctive tools in attaining a personal optimal level of wellness. Elaine believes in a patient-tailored and directed wholistic approach to health and wellness. She enjoys supporting and empowering her clients in their personal unique journeys, using natural and energetic modalities within her scope of practice, education and realistic self-care and health maintenance goal setting.

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