A wellness program to reduce stress and restore vitality, allowing body, mind and spirit to THRIVE!

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The THRIVE wellness system offers Computerized Electro-Dermal Stress Analysis (CSA). This is the end product of a 50-year evolution in bio energetic/biofeedback testing. It is based on the Chinese medical theory that proper energy flow through the acupuncture meridians allows for a balanced energy in the body.

What are the benefits?

A preventive approach to optimal health,
Identify toxins, chemicals, viruses, bacterias, and allergens,
Highlights emotional stress
A non-invasive way to gain valuable information about how the body holds stress

How does it work?

The system measures the degree of electrical resistance of the acupuncture points on the hand, while being guided through the computer program testing organs, glands and body systems. With the information presented the technician can tell which parts of the body seem to be functioning well and where there seem to be disturbances in the flow of energy. Based on the reading, suggestions will be made as to what nutrition, supplements or detox might be beneficial to help the body restore balance.

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