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At the Thirteenth Moon Center we offer creative arts therapy, shamanic healing, and classes in shamanism.

Creative Arts Therapy combines the power and experimentation of self-expression with the insights and methods of psychotherapy. Your own inner creativity opens channels for awareness and discovery. Rather than be overwhelmed by talking about feelings, your imagery allows sharing to be paced. You can access a level of connection beyond words using this dynamic process and in relationship with art therapist as witness and guide.

SHAMANISM is the age-old practice of traveling in spirit form to other realms of reality, meeting allies and teachers, and working spiritually to foster your empowerment, insight, and healing. As practitioners of shamanism, we work in unison with spirit for your best interest by clearing intrusions and power imbalances, doing soul retrieval, and healing the spiritual aspects of illness. When you have a shamanic healing, the intent is for you to be more present in your body so that you will feel whole and centered while dealing with your personal needs and questions.

We all know we need spiritual strength in our lives to sustain us on our world
path. The circles of community give us all strength. We invite you to join this

About Susan Bakaley Marshall and Chris Marshall Susan: Board certified art therapist,, shamanic practitioner. Chris: PhD, professor of anthropology

Photo of Susan Bakaley Marshall and Chris Marshall

SUSAN is a board-certified art therapist and shamanic practitioner. She maintains an active studio as an artist and a private art therapy and healing practice specializing in trauma recovery, end of life, loss and grief issues with a spiritual focus. Susan was the creative arts therapist for the Maine General Hospice Program for twelve years.

CHRIS is a professor emeritus of anthropology at Unity College with research interests in spirituality, shamanism, ethnomusicology, and teaching.

They have been practicing shamanism for 27 years and have taught basic and advanced classes in core shamanism for 20 years. They have studied with traditional masters of Judaic shamanism for many years and experienced Nepali and other shamanic traditions. They are members of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Organic gardening, growing and storing their own food and plant medicine for family use have been part of their lifestyle for over 35 years.

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