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259 Masalin Road
Lincolnville, ME 04849
Phone: (207) 763-3956

Situated on Levensellar Mountain in Lincolnville, this 46-acre farm is home to 550 organic apple trees planted by Bob Sewall. Please see our website for a history of the farm and a description of how the farm began, our philosophy and our products.

Health soil, healthy plants, healthy people.

About Robert Sewall Organic Farmer/Owner Operator

Photo of Robert Sewall

Robert K. (Bob) Sewall was born and raised in Waterville, Maine. His early upbringing included many hours in the outdoors hiking, skiing, canoeing and camping. At 16, he earned certification as a Junior Maine Guide and guided wilderness trips from 1969-1970. He put in his first organic garden in 1973, bought his first parcel of land in 1975, and planted gardens at that time.

In 1979, Bob bought 22 acres of fields adjoining his land and planted the orchard there from 1980-1981. His neighbor and mentor was a Finnish farmer named Viljo Masalin. It was Viljo who sold Bob the fields where his animals had once grazed, encouraged him to plant apple trees, and sponsored him through the Farmer's Home Administration. Mr. Masalin had a profound influence on Bob and his farming practices, teaching him about land, cover crops, tractor work and the history of this area. The two spent many hours together doing farm work with and for one another and taking sauna baths in the Finnish tradition.

Bob was president of Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners from 1996-1998, during the time the organization found and purchased the land on which to build the permanent site it now occupies in Unity/Thorndike, Maine. He was a land manager and consultant for 8 years for a property on top of Beech Hill in Rockport, Maine, which is now a part of the Coastal Mountains Land Trust. His duties included managing the land organically, harvesting, processing and marketing blueberries.

A 1973 graduate of Colby College (Art History), Bob manages and oversees all aspects of the orchard and consults on land management. He had a stone masonry business, Sewall's Seawalls, from 1975 to 2008. Several of the young men he employed and mentored now have their own masonry businesses in mid-coast Maine.

Bob and the orchard have been profiled in The Camden Herald, The Republican Journal, Steppin' Out, the MOFGA paper, and, in August of 2002, The Boston Globe cooking section. ("Blueberries for Sal and some for the crisp" by Elinor Klivans.) He has been interviewed by Maine television stations on two occasions and has appeared on national television news.

In his rare spare time, Bob enjoys reading, travel and yoga. He loves to mentor young farmers.

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