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251 Jefferson Street
Waldoboro, ME 04572
Phone: 207-542-3942

Rivers Edge Therapeutic Massage consults with each client to see what type of treatment they want, and what will benefit them the most. We offer Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot and Cold Stone Massage, Couples Massages, and can so Shiatsu Sessions. We will soon offer Sugar and/ or Salt Scrubs as well. Each session is formed with the clients needs in mind. Since every client is different so each massage treatment should be made just for you.

About Bethany Blastow Owner and LMT

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I went to school for Massage Therapy at the Downeast School of Massage . I graduated from their program with a solid foundation in Swedish Massage and a Concentration in Shiatsu in 2014. I wanted to learn Therapeutic Massage and bring these skills in my business to my community for a few reasons. I received my State of Maine Massage Therapy License in 2016, and with the help of family and friends decided that I wanted to build a name for myself. Since Therapeutic Massage is a major part of my business, I was excited to bring this into Waldoboro and to help those in my community and the Mid- Coast, Maine area. I want to focus my business on helping those who are "hurt and are sore" from the physical exertions that their daily life and jobs they must do to provide for their families. From the fishermen to the teachers, and the mothers to the factory workers, we all need a bit of help. And we all deserve it.

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