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The Wellness Center, 69 Elm Street, Suite 102
Camden, ME 4843
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Pfeiffer Counseling Services, Inc. is a owned and operated by Rob Pfeiffer, RC and Julie Pfeiffer, LCPC,
marriage and business partners for over twenty years. Rob and Julie bring their life lessons in partnership to the therapy room, group process, or consultations with those wanting to find new or betters ways to navigate the challenging journey of relationship. They have trained with numerous specialists in relationship work including intensive programs with Katie and Gay Hendricks and Gary Zukav and Linda Francis. Their passion for bringing the highest level of consciousness, connection, and communication to their relationship has been a guiding light for others when help or support is needed. Rob and Julie both maintain individual private practices and frequently work together with couples. Their training in Family Constellation illuminates issues that are hidden or ancestral in nature, often bringing individuals and couples to resolutions more quickly. Together they facilitate ongoing Family Constellation Groups and they each offer therapeutic groups for men and women. "We feel blessed to have the opportunity to connect with others in the honest, courageous journey of healing"

About Rob Pfeiffer, RC Registered Counselor

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Rob brings over thirty years of counseling, teaching, and coaching in college and public school settings to his private counseling practice in Camden, Maine. His background in the human development field is diverse including working with populations of people with economic and educational advantages to long-term prisoners who have often been caught in a cycle of trauma and abuse. It was after his Vietnam experience as a young man that Rob decided to devote his life to humanitarian causes that he chose to pursue a masters in counseling at the University of New Hampshire. Along the way, Rob has trained in many areas including Project Adventure leadership training, consciousness studies and the practice of Mindfulness, relationship intensives with is partner, Julie. Most recently, he and Julie have immersed themselves in two years of Family Constellation training and have begun leading groups in Family Constellation. Rob serves on several local boards in the area and in his free time enjoys a regular fitness regimen of cycling and paddling around the beautiful area of mid-coast Maine.

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