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My yoga and dance fitness classes are open to everyone, but my niche is the older student, beginners and experienced yogis and dancers, who are seeking classes that keep balance and range of motion a priority, as well as endurance, flexibility, strength, and a bit of humor.

If you' re a beginner, please come. If you're an advanced student, please come - I'll invite you to slow down and do what you need to to have the class still feel juicy.

My classes are not frantic, nor are they impossible to follow. I have a long history of dance and movement theater training that informs my teaching and a special love for the movers and shakers of the third age.

About Antonia Small RYT

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My business name, Oryx Worx, comes from the title of a book, Antonia Saw the Oryx First, written by a family friend, about a western medical doctor named Antonia, practicing in Africa. I am not a doctor but I do believe movement is good medicine.

In 2003, I took on a caregiving role for my father who was nearing the end of his life. It was a life-changing process, in its wake I have turned my attention to wellness for seniors, or for those whose healthy movement patterns have been interrupted.

I am currently pursuing my 500-hour teacher training certification with ShivaShakti School for Yoga & Healing Arts, as well as a TY4SC-1, the Certification from Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff for their program: Integrative Yoga for Seniors.

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