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Empowering Small Business owners to do what they do best.

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Empowering small business owners to do what they do best...
We suggest options to best support our client's needs.

MYOB, Inc. provides support in:
- Bookkeeping and Payroll
- Balance sheet and chart of accounts assessment
- Preparation for taxes and working with your tax preparer for better reporting and follow-up
- Invoicing, bill paying, data entry, and reconciliation of accounts
- Assisting in-house Payroll through QuickBooks
- Annual, quarterly or monthly reconciliations and reviews

We recognize that every person adapts to technology in their own, unique way.
As we work with you, we….
- Offer remote access to your computer
- Pay attention to how computer programs are used
- Match the technology with the user
- Set up QuickBooks as simple or as comprehensive as the user desires
- Tutor and train the user to be proficient in Quick Books or other Bookkeeping Programs
- Teach clients how to resolve problems by working through each situation and
discussing not only the options available, but the consequences of each solution
- Provide clients with solutions that meet their needs without over complicating matters at the client’s expense

Go Ahead. Do What You Do Best. We've Got Your Books.

About Mary Batakis QuickBooks Proadvisor / Consultant

Photo of Mary Batakis

Meet Mary Batakis....

Mary’s passion is to develop systems and strategies that will fine-tune the processing of data as well as to structure the work procedures so that the system runs like a well-oiled machine.

Through constructive listening, Mary is able to guide others through the development of the company’s needs and objectives, which are not always black and white.

Through her experience, Mary offers an array of options and resources designed to meet the company’s goals in the most efficient and productive means available, without compromising the integrity of the data.

By providing guidance, support, and teaching in a manner that they will truly comprehend, Mary empowers her clients to do their job with ease and efficiency.

Working together, you will notice a difference right where it counts - in the company’s bottom line.

We’ve Got Your Books.

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