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4 Mills Rd (#120)
Newcastle, ME 04553
Phone: 207-446-6447

Active year round, holding monthly awareness events and prevention talks, quarterly educational workshops for medical providers, and yearly Lyme Disease conferences bringing in local and nationwide expert speakers and vendors, MLDSE are the recipients of yearly national and local educational grants for their steadfast commitment to public awareness and community education and support.

When someone reaches out to MLDSE for help, they provide not only a connections to Lyme literate medical providers but financial assistance for testing and treatment as well as ongoing support while. They travel all over the state giving educational and prevention talks while sharing their own personal stories.

"Building Bridges to Fight Lyme Disease Together"

About Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education

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Paula Jackson Jones, President and Co-Founder of MLDSE, a native of Nobleboro, is a survivor of a Late Stage Neurological Lyme Disease complicated by four co-infections ~ Babesia, Bartonella, Erlichiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, who went into remission in April 2014. It was during her own battle that she noticed a need for information and connection to resources.

Angele Rice, Vice President and Co-Founder is also in remission from late stage neurological lyme but still in treatment for co-infections from a disease she contracted at age 13 in Long Island NY but not diagnosed until after she gave birth to son. It was when she met Paula early in 2014 that they both realized the overwhelming need for dispersing information and providing connections to resources.

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