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Contemplative Clinical Practice (CCP), weaves spirituality and clinical practice and promotes the clinical relationship as a potential locus of the sacred. CCP deepens a clinician’s awareness of the sacred dimension of their work by exploring their own religious histories and spiritual practices, the clients’ spiritual beliefs and practices, and the clinical relationship itself. The CCP program provides a framework for assessing spiritual development, and also may explore the issue of ethics and social justice as they relate to spirituality.

The basic premise of Contemplative Clinical Practice rests on the notion of "brilliant sanity." This means we have within us a natural dignity and wisdom. Our basic nature is characterized by clarity, openness, and compassion. This wisdom may be temporarily covered over, but nonetheless, it is there and may be cultivated. Practitioners of Contemplative Spiritual Guidance recognize and support our innate spiritual knowing and the solution which lies within each of us.

When two friends understand each other totally, the words are soft and strong like an orchid’s perfume. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr

About Patricia Edith Kaplan LCSW, CADC

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For more than twenty-five years I worked within the human service system. My focus has been in addiction studies and behavioral health issues. As a social worker, I've served people within the court system, as a domestic violence advocate and as an outpatient clinician in a community mental health agency. Through my own personal recovery, I acknowledge the challenge and stigma attached to untreated alcoholism and addiction. Through an unmerited grace, I was led out of the despair of untreated alcoholism to a new life. What was once a crippling deficit, I believe is now my greatest asset. Through a spiritual awakening, as a result of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, I'm unafraid to share the good news. Our answers lie within, an untapped source awaits those honest and willing enough to ask for help. While engaged as a community mental health clinician, I began to consider the possibility of an integration of clinical therapy with contemplative practice. Inward Grace, is the offering. Now as a Contemplative Guidance Practitioner, I combine my clinical experience with intuitive, spiritual, guidance.

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