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Nurturing therapeutic, relaxation, and deep-tissue massages with a combination of specific and broad strokes to fully address the desired areas. The massage techniques utilize a unique set of strokes designed to effectively address each muscle, with modifications based on what is felt through the hands and sensed through the awareness.
Presence in Healing is hands-on bodywork that accesses all levels of consciousness and facilitates lasting change. A fundamental part of this work is learning to be more present and occupied (here and now). Clients come with a wish, and are guided energetically to make the internal changes necessary to achieve the wish. This work is very powerful and is beneficial to all. It particularly helps those with self-image issues, chronic health concerns, addictions, PTSD, and questions.

About Greg Smith Massage Therapist, Presence in Healing practitioner

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I began my bodywork career in 1999 when I enrolled in a 3-year training program to increase awareness, understand more about human consciousness and learn skills of healing touch. Having grown up in a medical/scientific family, I developed a curiosity about how the body works and the integration with other aspects of consciousness. I received a BA in Biology from Bowdoin College and a MS in oceanography from the University of Washington. My love of boats then led me to a career in boatyards before going to massage school in 2009 at the Scherer Institute of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, NM. In 2015, I moved to Rockland in order to be closer to family and the sea.

I love working with people - helping them to understand more about themselves and to heal on all levels of consciousness. My interest in the entirety of a person influences my massage work. I rely on my awareness and ability to connect with clients on an energetic level to guide my hands during a massage. My awareness and touch then help the client to become more aware of those areas that I am touching. This makes the effects of the massage more lasting.

When not working, I enjoy sailing, cycling, hiking and skiing.

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