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Therapy is a very personal and individualized experience. No two people have the same experience even if they are seeing the same therapist and working on the “same issue,” such as depression or anxiety. Your therapy experience is one that you will co-create with me to suit your needs. For instance, some people like a therapist who listens more, others want a therapist who is more active, some people like to draw or knit during session, while others prefer to lay down on the couch facing away from the therapist. In addition, some people only want to talk about what is bothering them in the present while others really want to understand how the present relates to their past. Either way, the goal help you feel better today and improve your future!

About Barbara Davis MFA, MSW, LCSW

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I have over 20 years experience helping individuals to feel better and solve their own problems. I began my career as an artist and teacher, returning to school to receive my MSW in the early 1990’s. I am touched by the courage people demonstrate each time they walk into my offie. I am honored to be part of the healing process. Although I enjoy “talk” therapy very much, I also am excited to integrate art into my practice when appropriate.

I intuitively integrate different modalities and approaches in my work depending on the needs of my clients. Beyond my training as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have extensive training in substance use disorders, trauma and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. In addition, during the last decade I have become increasingly interested in the impact of nutrition and exercise on mental health and overall well being. I have begun to integrate ideas about how and what we eat into my work with clients. My work with trauma survivors has taught me the importance of bodily memories and non-verbal communication and the need to express these experiences, in a safe but sometimes, non-verbal manner.

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