Herbal Medicine

Barb MacDonald, ND, LAc at Camden Whole Health Holistic Care for Complex Health Issues/cancer

91 Elm Street, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-230-1131

Dr. Barb MacDonald is a licensed naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist offering complimentary cancer care and holistic solutions for those or with complex health issues from mast cell disease, mycotoxin, long-standing tick borne illness as well as general health optimization for those with digestive, hormonal, mental/emotional imbalances... More Info →

Good Hearth Acupuncture & Eastern Medical Arts

75 Mechanic Street, Sharps Point South, Suite 202W, Rockland, ME 4841
Phone: 207-332-9941

It is All About Healthy Blood Flow
According to eastern medical theory, stagnant blood produces pain, restriction, and disease. Most simply put, the Seitai Shinpo Japanese Structural acupuncture practiced at Good Hearth Eastern Medical Arts is about nourishing and moving healthy blood throughout the body to restore and maintain health.
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Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care Bio-Identical Hormones & Saliva Testing

839 Commercial St., Rockport, ME 4856
Phone: 207-594-0888

Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care is a leader in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Saliva Testing. Our consultant pharmacists have years of experience and will work with your practitioner to determine the best customized natural hormone regimen. We work with both men and women on their hormonal health and wellness. Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Ca… More Info →

57 White Oak Ridge Rd, Damariscotta, ME 04543
Phone: 2075633353

Oncology and end of life massage, Bowen Therapy for chronic and acute pain, debilitating conditions, stress, anxiety and depression. End of Life Doula services which includes bodywork, respite care, sitting vigil, rituals and ceremonies, end of life planning. More Info →

The Center for Health and Healing Collaborative Holistic Approaches

17 Masonic St., Rockland, ME 4841
Phone: 207-594-4766

The Center for Health and Healing was formed over 25 years ago and runs collaboratively with a variety of holistic practitioners offering Reflexology, Massage, Acupuncture, Herbs, Qigong, Presence in Healing, Homeopathy, and Counseling using EFT and art therapy. Our members think in terms of treating the person as a whole rather than the sum of parts. More Info →