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Acupuncture And Chinese Herbs Camden Acupuncture

91 Elm St, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-542-1575

At Camden Acupuncture, Amy Jenner, L.Ac., applies a blend of therapeutic modalities including Acupuncture, needle-less treatment, and Chinese Herbal Medicine to provide individualized natural health care. More Info →

Acupuncture And Homeopathy Feeling Good Inside and Out

87 Elm St, Ste 201, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207 691-6920

I have practiced holistic medicine since 1985, using Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Homeopathy. My background as an RN in critical care has given me a sound understanding of health conditions. Let me know your health concerns and we'll discuss your options. More Info →

Antje Roitzsch Massage Healing Arts Maine

91 Elm St, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-542-4285

Antje Roitzsch at Healing Arts Maine, will help you develop an awareness of living in your body with joy; help you understand the story it is telling and generate love and acceptance of living in this beautiful temple of your soul; and build a relationship that is rooted in love, respect, honor and trust. More Info →

Barb MacDonald, N.D. at Camden Whole Health Personalized primary care and wellness

91 Elm Street, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-230-1131

Dr. Barb MacDonald is a licensed naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist. She provides patients from teens to seniors with personalized primary care. Practicing since 1997, she combines experience, conventional and functional labs as well as intuitive tools to assess and treat each individual with issues from colds to menopause and cancer. More Info →

Barbara Davis, LCSW Psychotherapist

91 Elm Street, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-706-6485

Most people come to therapy because they feel stuck; whether stuck in a dissatisfying relationship, some emotional turmoil, or a dead-end job. We will work together to create a safe environment where you may explore your past and present disappointments and losses, and help you to move beyond feeling stuck to live more fully. More Info →

192 Northport Ave., Belfast, ME 4915
Phone: 207-505-5231

We are a 100+ year-old coastal Inn that serves as a B&B, restaurant/lounge, cooking-class kitchen, indoor and outdoor music venue, wedding/elopement site, program/seminar facility, and more. Accommodations with daily breakfast include 5 B&B rooms and 14 Lodge Rooms. Featuring: Sunday Brunch with live jazz music, dinner shows, mediums & holistic f… More Info →

Bodhi-Time Bodyworks Bodhi-Time Bodyworks

POB 296, Rockport, ME 4856
Phone: 2072392893

Offering Swedish based table massage, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy, Classic Thai massage, Shiatsu, and MediCupping treatments in a professional healing environment. More Info →

735 Mt. Pleasant Road, Union, ME 4862
Phone: 207-785-2468,

Bowen Therapy is a gentle and effective hands on manual therapy that relieves tight muscles and tendons in the body allowing the brain to heal itself. Clients will experience a state of deep relaxation and pain relief. This dynamic technique addresses the body as a whole. More Info →

Celebrations and Ceremonies Creating moments to remember.

8 Grove St.reet, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-542-1076

Some of Life's moments never come again. Let me help you make them memorable. More Info →

Coastal Maine Hypnotherapy Making Life Better

P.O.Box 434, Rockport, ME 4856
Phone: 207-590-8636

At Coastal Maine Hypnotherapy, we work together to create a process of positive change that promotes healing thought patterns and neutralizes negative, self-limiting beliefs. More Info →