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Becoming Light Bearers in Challenging Times

Written by Susan Bakaley Marshall & Chris Marshall, The Thirteenth Moon Center | March 2019

This is the time of year when we’re really beginning to notice the days lengthening. The Light returns. Yes, winter is still here, but some of us have started planting seeds for this summer’s garden. Continue Reading →

The Joy of Letting Go

Written by Antje Roitzsch, Antje Roitzsch Massage | February 2019

For me it was a process of realizing that even the most prized and cherished possessions, containing fond memories, boils down to being "Stuff". Continue Reading →

2019 New Year’s Resolution and Word-Compassion

Written by Patty Kitchen, Heartfelt Bowenworks | January 2019

It is said to take 30 days to break a habit. Only 8% of Americans keep their resolutions throughout the year. I would like to suggest instead to add something new to your tool box of healthy choices. Continue Reading →