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16 Wiltshire Place, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-712-9495

Elizabeth is certified by Caroline Myss PhD and Norman Shealy MD. She views archetypal patterns, strengths and challenges that impact body/mind/spirit which ultimately affects overall health and wellbeing. Much of Elizabeth’s work is done at a distance over the phone with clients from children to adults from all over the globe. More Info →

11 Mill St., Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-236-0269

The Body Code is a state-of-the-art healing technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson which releases or corrects energetic imbalances that keep the body from healing. Through specific questioning, charts and muscle testing, answers are received from your subconscious about imbalances that need to be addressed. Sessions for people and animals. More Info →

Jean Forest RN, MA Transpersonal Therapist Counseling, Psychotherapy, Meditation

69 Elm St., Suite 202, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-230-0838

Using curiosity, understanding, compassion and a willingness to change, each client has the opportunity to learn new skills and bring more awareness to daily events and major life changes.
I employ a variety of modalities including traditional talk therapy, Gestalt awareness techniques, Jungian dream investigation, guided meditation & compassiona… More Info →

Judi Valentine, PhD Clinical Nutrition Specialist Balanced nutrition yields a longer, happier life.

126 Washington Street, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-230-7019

“I just want to feel better.” Does that describe you? If so, I want you to know: there are solutions, you are not alone and mostly importantly, you can make positive, lasting changes in the way you feel and the way you look. Our bodies are truly fantastic, awe-inspiring machines. Through my work and studies as a doctor of holistic nutrition, I am con… More Info →

Kathrin Seitz Writing From The Deep Voice

14 Limerock Street, Rockport, ME 4856
Phone: 207-542-0528

Studies show that when people are given the opportunity to write about physical and emotional upheavals they often come away with a deeper understanding and affection for who they are and experience improved health. Kathrin helps you become an expressive writer, writing down your deepest thoughts and feelings.
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1 country way, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 207-236-3247

Certified Personal Trainer....
Licensed Massage Therapist....
Whether your goal is to shed some pounds, run a race, improve overall health, or recover from an injury, you will find that my years of experience will be of great benefit. The ever-changing programs I will create for you will be fun, challenging and safe. My emphasis is to develop… More Info →

Kristine Anderson, LMT,PBP,B.S. Striving Toward Optimal Health

314 River Road, Saint George, ME 4860
Phone: 207-372-9626

I have been in the health field since 1997, always looking for ways to help people obtain optimal health. My practice consists of Bowenwork Therapy, Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology. More Info →

385 Main St., Suite 7, Rockland, ME 4841
Phone: 207-594-6666

Our Salon is your destination for all your beauty needs for Women, Men and Children. We offer all Hair services, Nail services, Make-up as well as Bowen therapy & Medi-Spa services. More Info →

Linda White, LCPC Evolutionary Recovery And Psychotherapy

21 Elm Street, Suite 403, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 410-849-7064

Linda White offers a unique synthesis of somatic therapies (body), applied psychology (mind) and spiritual direction (spirit). Specializing in integral psychology & evolutionary spirituality she offers life assessments, professional consultation, supervision & mentoring as well as designing programs for conscious change & development. More Info →

Mariposa Energy Therapy Look and feel better naturally

91 Elm Street, Camden, ME 4843
Phone: 2077069122

While traditional Western medicine focuses on diagnosing symptoms and treating you from the outside, Energy Medicine unlocks your life force to heal you from the inside — and addresses the root causes of illness. More Info →